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Church - Part 14

It is the single most important organization ever to exist. It has transcended world empires, continents, cultures, languages, and time. "IT" is the church. But the church is much more than an organization - it is a living breathing thing. The Bible calls it Christ's body. It is referenced as Jesus' bride. This series looks at the church at "ground zero." We examine the origins and look at the church from its source. The history of the church is found in the New Testament book of Acts.

Join us for this look into the church.

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Pastor Mike Martindale

About Mike Martindale

Mike began ministry in the University area at his home church in Amarillo and soon expanded his work to youth ministry, where he worked and labored (with great joy) for nearly two decades in churches all around the region. In 2002, he began serving at The Heights Fellowship as its first pastor.

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Together we will equip families and leaders, empower the next generation, and help those who can’t help themselves. We are extending the reach. We are building the church. And by God's grace we will expand the borders of His Church and reach one life at a time.

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