9th Annual Family Swim Night

The “dog days” of summer are upon us, and what better way to beat the heat but by finding a West Texas oasis? We did just that! Join us on the night of August 8, 2021, at the Texas Tech Leisure Pool for our THF 9th Annual Family Swim Night!

The Texas Tech Student Leisure Pool is one of the premier achievements of the Rec Sports Department. Completed in May of 2009, the Student Leisure Pool represents the largest leisure pool on a college campus in the United States. With a 645-ft. long lazy river as the centerpiece of the design, the pool brought in more than 70,000 visitors in its first summer open to members.


  • $5/person; $25 max/household
  • Signups begin Sunday, July 25th
  • Pay in person at the gate via cash, check or Venmo
  • Signup and pay online here!

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Leisure Pool Policies

General Policies

  • No one will be allowed to swim without a lifeguard on duty.
  • Lifeguard instructions must be followed at all times. Whenever additional rules are deemed advisable for the health and safety of the patrons, the Recreational Aquatic Center Staff may put additional rules into effect.  These rules may be written or verbal.
  • No person without a swimsuit may enter the water.  T-shirts, cut-offs, workout shorts (soccer, football, basketball etc.) will not be allowed.
  • No person with sores, open wounds, or other evidence of skin disease shall use the pool.
  • No person suffering from a fever, cold, inflamed eye, nasal or ear discharges, or any communicable disease shall use the pool.
  • Unnecessary spitting, spouting of water, roughness and rowdiness will not be permitted in the pool.
  • Absolutely no glass containers in the facility
  • No tobacco products or chewing gum in the facility
  • Diving is allowed ONLY in the deep well
  • No running, pushing, throwing, or dunking other swimmers
  • Equipment may be checked out with proper ID.
  • No splash dives, flips, back dives, or backward jumps off the side of the pool.
  • No hanging on lane ropes, safety lines, volleyball net/cable and basketball goal.
  • Children may use lap lanes and kickboards for lap swimming only, and only if proficient in swimming.
  • Only US Coast Guard approved Lifejackets are allowed to be used by non-swimmers.  Flotation devices (such as water wings, sewn in swimsuit floats, noodles…) are not allowed.
  • Children under 17 must be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES.
    • (Supervised = in the same area – shallow end, lap lanes, lazy river…)
  • All children who are not “potty trained” must wear “swim diapers” or cloth diapers covered by watertight rubber pants.  (these are available for purchase in Equipment Issue)

Children’s Policies

  • Parent supervision
    • Parent must be in the water (within arm’s length) with their children if they cannot touch the pool bottom with their head above water in the designated area.  This area is considered to be the shallow areas (3.5 feet) in the 4 lap pool and/or lazy river.
    • An exception to this can be accommodated with a swim test.  If the child can swim across the shallow end and back (50 yards) without difficulty they may be in the pool without their parent BUT the parent must still be supervising from the deck.
    • The supervisor will designate on the child’s Rec Pass when they pass the swim test and designate the child appropriately
    • Adults must maintain a 1:5 adult to child ratio when bringing children under  10 years old into the facility
  • Lifejackets
    • Must be Coast Guard approved
    • The parent MUST be in the water (within arm’s length) with the child
    • The child must stay in the shallow areas
    • The child can NOT go off of the diving board or slide

Lazy River

  • No horseplay on tubes
  • No diving into the river
  • Lifejacket wearing children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tube/mat riders have priority over participants standing or walking.  If participants who are walking or standing are perceived as a hazard they will be asked to leave the river or become “riders”.

Diving Board

  • Only one person will be allowed on the board at a time.  Wait at the bottom of the ladder until the diver is finished.
  • One bounce per dive.
  • Jump or dive straight off the end of the board.
  • No dangerous stunt diving, handstands, seat bouncing, gaining inward dives, etc.
  • Before diving, make sure the area below the board is clear and the previous diver is out of the diving area.
  • Swimmers may not exit the diving board at the same time as someone else exits the slide.
  • Parents and guardians will not be allowed to catch children who are jumping off the board.
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to go off the boards unless they can successfully swim back to the side by themselves.
  • Participants may not wear goggles or masks while going off of the diving board.


  • Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position and wait for instructions from the lifeguard stationed at the slide starter tub.
  • Riders must lie on their backs with arms crossed across their chest at all times. No sitting or standing up while riding the slide is permitted. Do not go down the slide head first or on the stomach.
  • All riders must be at least 48” tall.
  • Maximum rider weight is 300 pounds.
  • Do not pull or propel yourself into the ride
  • No combs or foreign objects are allowed in pockets and no jewelry can be worn while riding the slide. No cutoff jeans or swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation; only approved swimsuits allowed.
  • Only one rider at a time. Absolutely no trains or chains of riders are permitted.
  • No tubes, mats, or life jackets are permitted on the slide.
  • The line should form on the deck with one rider on each landing and one rider in the starter tub. Wait until the landing area is clear before entering.
  • Riders must be in good health. Elderly persons, those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or persons using prescription medication should consult their physician before using this slide. Individuals with medical conditions including, but not limited to, pregnancy, heart, or back problems should not ride.
  • Do not use this slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping in the flume. Arms and hands must remain inside the flume. Riders should remain in the proper riding position until forward movement is terminated.
  • No diving from the slides.
  • Leave the plunge pool promptly after entering.
  • Non-swimmers not permitted on or in the slide.
  • Warning: Deep water!
  • Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of the slide or failure to follow these rules.
  • Participants may not wear goggles or masks while going off of the slide.

Food Policies

  • All food must stay on the tables and chairs.
  • Only drinks in plastic containers with  “screw top” lids may be used in designated “wet areas”, including hot tub and wet decks
  • Coolers and glass containers are not allowed into the facility