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Christmas Eve 2020 – Advent – The Coming King – News Of The World

Christmas Eve 2020 – Christmas is a duality. Arguably the biggest secular holiday in world, Christmas is also arguably the biggest religious holiday for Christians. That duality creates a lot of confusion as two worlds vie for emphasis in the same calendar space. The sleigh bells and jingle bells seem to clash with the silver bells and church bells…and the noise becomes untenable sometimes. So let’s do this! Let’s simplify. Let’s pivot and ease our focus for just a bit. There has been a less hyped version of Christmas for centuries. It actually predates nearly all of the contemporary expression of the holiday. It’s called ADVENT. The word means “coming,” and it is just that: a pause to reflect upon the advent – or coming – of the Lord Jesus into the human world. Join us as we pause upon these thoughts: the LAMENT of our world, the HOPE of our world, the PEACE for our World, the JOY to our world, and the LOVE expressed to our world.