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In Real Life: The Study Of James – The Glaring Disparity – Part 2

Some writings easily identify as ‘New Testament’ writings. When we think New Testament destinations, our GPS quickly goes to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The Acts of the Apostles or Letter to the Romans are vastly recognizable. Even material with weird sounding names like Galatians and Colossians or Ephesians and Philippians ring familiar. Then there is the Letter of James…

It is one of the least-known texts in the Bible. James is not widely quoted, and the message of James is sometimes hard…er, harsh in light of the love and grace expressions found in other places in the New Testament. People have long struggled with the message of James, really for one definite reason: James is preoccupied with the practice of the faith.

Its just like life. There are a lot of things that are ideologically sound…they look good on paper. They seem strong in theory. James is a pragmatist at his core. His writing in probably the earliest written of all the New Testament. He is less interested in theories and more interested in what it looks like In Real Life.

Join us for a Real Life look at how the faith works…