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Larger Than Life – What Kind Of People Does God Use?

Maybe you’ve seen them in stained glass or perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to view them in some artist’s masterpiece. They’re the greats… the all stars… larger than life, coming off the pages of the New Testament. They’re the disciples… or the apostles. The two names are used interchangeably. A disciple was one who heard and applied. An apostle was one sent. They were both. But before we revered them in stained glass, Jesus found them with stained lives. He saw them, not as what they were, but as what they would become. The common element was their uncommon God. Their story, it turns out, was not them at all, but their Savior. That’s the way it is with us. Join us in the adventure and the agony as we look at their lives and seek to become LARGER THAN LIFE.