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Knots and Knotheads – Tangled: The Story Of Rahab

Every family tree is bound to have some crooked branches or some knots in some awkward places! Don’t think it’s true…look around the dinner table at the next holiday meal or family reunion. If you don’t see any likely suspects, be careful! They could be looking at you!! The family line of Jesus is no different. Since the Savior was 100 per cent man (in addition to being 100 per cent God) He had some family members back down the line that were cringe-worthy. The Bible fully discloses those who might otherwise be kept in the shadows. Their stories are woven into the fabric of human history and human salvation. We learn that just as the Lord gracefully dealt with their weaknesses, wounds, and worries, He is pleased to include us in His life and plan, even with our ‘knots’ and even when we are knot heads.