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When God Asks The Questions – The God Who Questions

We’ve all seen those Bibles that referred to as “Red Letter Editions.” You know, the ones where the words of Jesus are printed in red ink instead of the standard black ink, like the rest of the text of the Bible. It helps to distinguish when Jesus was talking instead of everyone else. It’s just print, but somehow those words have more significance to us…more power…more meaning in providing the answers to life.

But have you ever thought about the questions God asks us. In the Bible, God asks HUNDREDS of QUESTIONS. Many He answers, but much of the time He does not answer them. Why? There is a word often used of God’s questions: EVOCATIVE. They are intended to EVOKE a movement in us – a consideration, a change, an alteration, a shift in how we think and what we do. The series: Questions God Asks, will direct us on this evocative journey.