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Help and fat
Submitted By:Help
Prayer Request:My boyfriend’s mum is trying to kill me and my parents for money. She goes to a witch doctor or a white witch and her sister and her cousin and sister in law and the Greek is first to curse me and my family, to break me up with her son, to keep me away from the house and even this Country and she waves a white feather over me to die and over my parents and siblings and grandma. She is a witch doing seyonces to contact her dead son.
Also, Hi there;
I sat on a dirty toilet seat as my back hurt and now I have an infected bladder, bowel and kidney infection, vaginal thrush and pain and stinging wee and on top of severe period pain. I also have infected teeth and gums and I’m scared to go to the dentist or find the right one to treat it. I can’t afford travel insurance and I have so much muscle fatigue and tiredness and low iron and the doctor said I’m 30 Kilos overweight. I have a headache and breast cancer and ovarian cysts. Thankyou.