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Psychic Attacks
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I’d like to submit a prayer request for my deliverance from demonic oppression.

A number of years ago I came across an internet message board which was about witchcraft/shamanism except it was based on using psychedelic drugs. I was posting comments on this message board when I started to experience telepathy with some of the main members. At first I thought this was quite innocent or ordinary and I thought it was great but eventually this telepathy turned into severe and violent psychic/spiritual attack. The members of this message board do know how to use severe violence with their curses and black magic as long as they can get a psychic link on someone. Later I came to understand that these members from this message board are actually evil/dark satan worshipers.

Now years later and these psychic/spiritual attacks have only been worsening with time. Over the last few months I've been in excruciating pain and I literally feel as though this evil occult group is torturing me! Recently I've been seeing the spirits of two people who're members of this message board. Their names are Daniel and Little Johnny and they've been incessantly raping me for this last week or so. I'm truly at the end of my tether and then some! I don't know what to do and I don't know how to make it stop but I know that I desperately need help!

Please pray for me so that these evil and cruel people would leave me alone for good and never return! Please pray that any curse, evil eye, hex etc. that's been put over me would be broken now and forever! I know I need to invite Jesus Christ into my life and my heart as He's my Savior. I know I need to ask for His forgiveness for my heedless ways and for any other sins that I've committed. I'm sure that I have some sort of demonic oppression going on inside of me and I'm asking you desperately to pray for my deliverance!

If you have any resources or suggestions as to how I can bring an end to this torment I'd really appreciate to hear about it. Please do email me with any help or support that you can offer.

Here is a photo of me just in case it may help with your prayer work:

This evil occult group is called SAB which stands for shaman australis boards. Here is a link to this very message board if you at all would like to see it so you can pray for these people:

I'd also like to request prayer for my wonderful girlfriend, Amanda, who's supported me through all of this. Please pray for her as she has her own difficulties in life right now and please also pray that God's incredible love could bring my girlfriend and I ever closer together.

Thank you so very much for your help and prayers.