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Emotional stress and physical issues
Submitted By:Lokesh V
Prayer Request:Please pray for me

I have been suffering from digestive issues, gas, bloating, respiratory allergies, food allergies, sternum pain, muscle wasting, immune reaction, boils in gums and nose,bacterial infection, throat issues, sinus issues, knee stiffness and pain, shoulder joint pain, ankle pain, weakness in lower Limbs,back, thigh and calf muscles.

Food sensitivity after eating(allergic reaction), toxins in the body, increased heart rate, high sugar, blood pressure, and lethargy and so on

Psychologically, experiencing a lot of fear, intrusive thoughts, panic, distress, fear of attack(thoughts, emotions), hopelessness, stress which creating a vicious cycle of emotions, and inflammatory response in the body. I feel like I have no hope in life. No job, never worked in life and married.

Please pray for me to calm intrusive thoughts and protect my family and restore health, joy, peace and balance in life.

With Gratitude