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Submitted By:Cyone B. Andros
Prayer Request:Prayers to Jesus that He could mollify my life of its crushing work, so I can do anything He planned for me. I work for a Christian ministry volunteering in more and more departments to help out the Christians that are my family, as I wish to be a seer like Samuel. I could use His grace when my mind plays me that my works haven't saved a life because I cannot see the change right away in rebels or misinformed souls He loves. Refill my soul with His bread to commune that I am His beloved, so I remember to be His heir too to amuse myself like a Sabbath rest whenever He says take time off. Refill it with the wine to melt away the anxiousness of tomorrow when He provided fish to Peter's boat out of many givings to lean on Him. Furthering these, I ache in a way to see my vision of a new world where the Messiah is called for in every language, ravishing and ruddy in health, and changing the world after Him without my supervision anymore. May they be blessed more than myself to whoever prays for me.