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School Issues
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Hello, I have been going through some problems and I would need you to pray for me in the spirit.
- I would want you to pray that I am re-enrolled as a student At WGU( Western Governors University) .
-Pray for me that God will intervene divinely in my situation, God will sort everything out before Monday.
- I Pray that GOD will go before me and after me to solve my problems, Let God Command His Holy Angels to touch the hearts of the faculty and staff. Let things go smoothly and easy for me.
-God has answered my prayers and my call for help has been solved.
-Let The Wind Of The Holy Spirit From God Blow On Wgu And My Case Will Receive A Divine Touch From The Holy Spirit.
-I pray for Favor upon me with my Program Mentor and my school WGU
-Pray for me not to take the classes that I have already completed all over again.
-Pray for me(Tolu) To have grace and favor with the faculty and staff at WGU.
-Please pray for me to receive complete funding from Financial Aid.
- Pray for me that I will have energy to complete all my tasks and that I will graduate this year.
-I pray I will be an active and current student again at WGU.
-Let God Intervene with his divine miracles, signs and wonders.
-WGU IS The school That God Led me to and , I will not give up but I will finish strong and well
-Bad news is not my portion, and All I will begin to hear and see will be filled with Great news In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen
- Let God Perform Last Minute and impossible miracles in the area of my education at Western Governors University, In The Mighty Name Of JESUS Christ, Amen.