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Save me before it's too late, YHWH our Father in heaven ?
Submitted By:Julian M
Prayer Request: I am on disability and live in an apartment that killing me and i receive assistance from public housing authority but the renting has continually put me in environmens where there is loud construction above me in the building that makes my PTSD and depression and anxiety flare up so bad to the point that I get suicidal and really close to hurting myself. I'm also a father of five cats and an online minister. Please pray with lifting of hands (see Psalm 28 and 1st Timothy 2:8 please) that God will grant me and my furry kiddos a high top van or shuttle bus to convert to a camper or enough money to buy my own home so I can do what Mark 13:13 says and not kill myself or think like this. Thank you beyond words!!! Love you