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in need of miraculous breakthroughs, miracles and blessings
Submitted By:N Flores
Prayer Request:Please pray the Lord releases miraculous, supernatural, and endless amounts of his favor, breakthroughs, miracles and blessings. I need all my real estate projects to be completed accurately and timely by skilled and highly experienced contractors. All real estate projects must sell way over asking price. I need the Lord to send an electrician for my current project and eliminate all future issues and problems. All roadblocks and hindrances must be removed and bound immediately in the name of Jesus. I also need the Lord to fill me with the holy spirit, so it manifests itself by me, speaking in tongues and shouting. I need to ALWAYS accomplish more in less time, with an explosive growth of abundance, prosperity and favor in my present and future. I need the Lord to show out in my life, and miraculous breakthroughs are happening and will continue to happen even after l go to heaven, they will never stop!!! All obstacles and detours are removed ensuring his miracles and blessings are ALWAYS able to reach me and ARE ALWAYS FULFILLED!!! I need the Lord to immediately cover me with UNSTOPPABLE FAVOR for the rest of my days! He ALWAYS keeps me covered in His blood, favor, grace, love, mercy and always ensure I have an overflow of Jesus’ anointed continuous, non-stop, miraculous, magnificent, perfect amounts of opportunities and open doors. I need the Lord to ensure I ALWAYS have honest, truthful, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, smart, loyal, knowledgeable, and well-connected people who will, can and do help me in every single facet of my life. Every and all things in my life ALWAYS work in my favor, to my advantage and are ALWAYS aligned to His will.