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Prayer For Others:
Submitted By:James a. white
Prayer Request:pray for my sister Loucreasia she is on a ecmo machine and vent. She is very ill and its going on five weeks. Pray she gets better. Pray for her...WE need a miracle it seems she is stable but not moving forward. .Pray she lives and does not die.pray her lungs get better. 2. Pray also find a spouse. I have waited and prayed so long. I need a wife and family of my own..Also Pray the Lord helps me in my work and I go to the right dorm where He wants me. pray I have wisdom and grace at work...Pray I do well in my work and make friends and get along well with others...PLeae remember my sister as well...Pray for protection from evil and better days....I do not make the best decisions under all this stress....