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Prayer For Others:
Surrender and Receiving God’s plan for me
Submitted By:Monish Abraham
Prayer Request:Lord, I surrender MY ENTIRE thoughts, acts, habits, pain, past/ present/ future, relationships, career, finances, and all else - I am seeking Your guidance in all things. Bring me to full purpose living and walk with You. No weapons formed against me in ANY area of my life will or shall prosper, because You said so, Lord. Equip me with the armor of God and Your angels to protect and watch over me and my loved ones at all times.

Lord please forgive me for ALL my perversion, lustful thoughts and acts from the beginning to now. All generational curses and attachments will end right now in Jesus name. Those powers, authority, attachments and principalities are renounced by the blood of Jesus.. All sins are covered by His blood that was shed on the cross. Soul ties, open doors, cracks, bad habits are all removed in fullness from me and my future generations. I stand in the gap of my future wife that she is cleansed by the blood of Jesus and we are renewed in fullness.

Lord, I submit all my interactions to Your hands. People that have wronged me - I forgive them and may they learn from those experiences and those I have wronged may I learn from it as well. Lord, I ask for the proverbs 31 women to come into my life. May we both have and live out in the fruits of the spirit life. I am praying, believing and receiving this in faith in Jesus' name. Teach me to trust Your timing, plans and provision. Give me the right amount of strength and obedience needed. Lord, I submit this pray into Your hands in Jesus name and carry my cross. Every time this prayer is lifted may it bring a double portion “fruits of the spirit” into the person praying this as well.