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Prayer For Others:
Submitted By:M. Abraham
Prayer Request:I hope you will join me and attach your faith with mine and intercede for us in Jesus' name. Through the authority given to me, I stand on Mount Zion and intercede for my daughter and whoever my future wife will be. I DECLARE "As for me and my home, we will SERVE the LORD." All spirits of addictions, darkness, evil, generational sins, curses, attacks, sickness, illness, weakness, premature death, and broken spirits will be removed. Our bones, mind, heart, body, and soul will be renewed and rebirthed by the breath of Jesus Christ in His matchless name. We are covered and protected in and out, day and night for the rest of our lives under the blood of Jesus. Every lie is replaced with truth. NO WEAPONS THAT HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE FORMED OR AIMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER. Lord, I stand in faith and lift up all areas of our lives. I submit to You to guide and direct our paths. Lord, please bless Gracie (my daughter) to grow and become a God-fearing woman. Lord, please bring a Proverbs 31 woman with the fruits of the spirit into our life. May she love Gracie, me, and our family like her own. May our marriage grow and become fruitful. May our future generations and nations be blessed. May our testimony and ministry bring you Praise and glory. Teach me to lead and inspire others to do the same.