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Request Title 
Pray for strength and confidence/healingView Details
Miraculous Healing for DukeView Details
charities in dangerView Details
Healing for Aunt Jeanne View Details
Urgent save marriage View Details
FINANCESView Details
BreakthroughView Details
Deliverance and protection View Details
SurgeryView Details
Family PrayerView Details
FamilyView Details
My marriage View Details
Alover View Details
I need some peace View Details
LlView Details
miracleView Details
HealingView Details
Demonic Oppression View Details
for spiritual blessing like peter and paul and many othersView Details
Healing and redemption for our son JoshuaView Details
allvoerView Details
DeclarationView Details
Heart IssuesView Details
Our LoveView Details
My small dog Groot View Details
Deliverance from witchcraft View Details
Healing miracle View Details
Need help View Details
HealingView Details
Protection from black magic.View Details
Protection.View Details
Healing Of FamilyView Details
Kindly pray for our missing catView Details
Protection.View Details
Protection and deliverance.View Details
healingView Details
Deliverance from my enemies View Details
Deliverance protection reconciliation View Details
RestorationView Details
Soul Tie Be Cut And Break inView Details
Praise Report View Details
Pray for local physicianView Details
Tim to return to me View Details
Strength View Details
Urgent prayer for peace View Details
Miracle View Details
Daughter View Details
Prayers needed please View Details
Ruby’s healingView Details
Hope and blessings View Details
miraclesView Details
My niece healing View Details
Employment View Details
Financial breakthrough/Employment View Details
No IdeaView Details
Surrender and Receiving God’s plan for meView Details
I’m so depressed please help View Details
Our Love togetherView Details
JobView Details
HealingView Details
HealingView Details
For my mom Leslie View Details
Prayer for son and his family View Details
Heal my mind and body View Details
Marriage View Details
Prayer Request View Details
HealingView Details
Medical transportation View Details
RelationshipView Details
Healing, Deliverance, Redemption for our son JoshuaView Details
Soul TiesView Details
UntitledView Details
Healing / Restoration and Mental HealthView Details
Reduce anxietyView Details
Breakthrough & Blessings View Details
Court case View Details
Court case View Details
Deliverance View Details
Pray request View Details
Barbara age 88 2 hip fractures View Details
Work issues & finances View Details
Kendra’s 3rd&4th year in ElPasoView Details
ForMy Son Edward Tinsley View Details
Soul TiesView Details
Prayers for Dominic Segura View Details
UntitledView Details
Property sell View Details
Heal my mind and body View Details
Son needs a jobView Details
Serious, urgentView Details
Marriage deliverance View Details
Marriage, deliverance View Details
Pary for my mind to be healedView Details
SatanistView Details
Prayers for healing for my father View Details
Please pray! View Details
Healing of marriage View Details
Affordable place to live View Details
Please help View Details