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UPDATE // JUNE 27th 2020: READ THE COVID-19 REGATHERING STATEMENT BELOW // Join us this Sunday 1 SINGLE 4th of July Weekend Celebration at 9:30am as we regather both in person again OR join us online. Catch us LIVE on Facebook or YouTube OR at the THF campus.

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We would love for you to get connected with us. We value community and relationships and believe that is the groundwork for sharing God’s message. Click below to see all of the ways you can connect with us!


Our Celebration Service this upcoming holiday weekend will be held in person AND online. Join us for 1 single 4th of July Weekend Celebration Service at 9:30am. Catch us LIVE on Facebook or YouTube or in person at the THF campus.

What to Expect

We understand that it’s not always simple to go to a new place – especially a church – for the first time. The Heights Fellowship is a nondenominational church in Lubbock, Texas, and was made for people that may not have a lot of familiarity or exposure to church. We are a diverse family that wants you to feel right at home from the first moment you step on campus. So, let us help make your first experience a great experience! We want to answer some of those common ‘want-to-knows’ that everyone asks: How do I find The Heights? What should I wear when I visit The Heights Fellowship? What is available for my children? What happens in a service at The Heights Fellowship church?

Click here to find out what to expect!

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