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Miracle for our dog Lola
Submitted By:Richard
Prayer Request:Please dear prayer partners join us in praying for our 7 + year old beloved rescue dog, canine family member Lola. She must undergo TCC bladder cancer surgery this Wednesday to help save & extend her life. We love her immesursbly. This is a life extending TCC bladder
Cancer/Cystotomy & Mass Tumor Removal Surgery. As well as post operative medications, quarterly re check follow ups of ultrasounds & lab work, regarding our beloved Lola. Please join us in praying for calm & God's peace & strength for us & our dogs during this process. Praying our Lola will survive undergoing cancer surgery, that the surgeon will successfully remove her bladder tumor and all surrounding infected tissue, that the biopsy will miraculously come back benign & not cancerous and that Lola will make a 100% full recovery from the surgery and all will go well throughout & after it.
Thank you sincerely for your kindness & help.

The Jacobson-Salerno Family.

Cheryl, Richard, Lola & Roxanne.