THF Connection Group Childcare Reimbursement Form

THF will NOT be offering on-site childcare during the THF Connection Group. In place of our on-site childcare we are offering a childcare reimbursement for our THF Connection Group attendees. Attendees can take advantage of reimbursement by hiring their own childcare provider and requesting reimbursement online.

Groups can choose to hire a sitter/sitters or parents can each choose to hire their own sitter and request reimbursement individually.

Reimbursement Rates: $5 per child, per hour (maximum of two hours) for children 6 weeks thru 5th grade

Family Example: 3 kids @ $5 per child, per hour= $30 reimbursed to parents

Group Example: 8 kids @ $5 per child, per hour= $80 reimbursed to group (1 sitter= $80, 2 sitters, $40 per sitter)

Requirements for Approval

All parents must be in attendance at a THF Connection Group for the date/dates being submitted.

All groups are responsible for hiring and paying for their own childcare.

All approved reimbursement requests can be submitted weekly or monthly. and MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN THE 10TH OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH for the prior month’s sessions.

Please fill out the form below: