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Marriage restoration / family blessing
Submitted By:Shalu Vishwakarma
Prayer Request:Praise the lord?

Please pray for my marriage reconciliation with my husband Mr. Anilkumar Vishwakarma. I am facing alot difficulties and trouble in my marriage life with my husband. He always use to insult me , disrespect me infornt of everyone and treat me like I am his servant .We are not talking with each other from last 4 months. We are separated, it's my husband decision and he dnt want to keep any relationship with me. It's was his final decision. He had blocked me from everywhere so that I can't contacts him. Really I am totally scattered and mentally distributed. I dnt know how I can b strong. I only have a faith and trust on Jesus christ.
Please pray for my husband , he changed his mind and reunite, rebuild relationship with me. He respect me, treat me as wife, love me as his wife and develop a strong bond and relationship with me.