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Deliverence from Dominic spirits
Submitted By:Jerry Ring
Prayer Request:I pray for a deliverance from the oppressors. I went to work and I only worked for about 15 minutes before the demonic spirits sucked the energy out of my body. I think I have been possessed for 37 plus years. I died as a child and I have done a lot of research on this subject. I found out on 3-29-22 I was possessed. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I took mental health medication for 2.5 yrs regarding this nightmare and I fear that there is a lot of people who are on medication that don't even need it. I thought those Drs knew what they were doing. If they had asked the right questions. I could have gotten the right help much sooner. I thought the medication was what I needed but I started experiencing the same but much worse harassment while under the control of mental health medication. These demons you can talk to and they know the Bible much better than I do. If you want to learn more about how they work please contact me. They especially target your fears. And I have a email letter I can forward to you about my experience with these evil spirits. I read in the Bible about the unforgiven sin and I feared it and they used my loud music and scripture against me and caused me to blaspheme. I seen these 5 objects in Sept 2021, I thought they were aliens. And I had an experience with the GREAT Holy Ghost on 3-14-2019. I didn't realize what happened to me until over 2 years later. He tickled my foot and woke me up and he was standing under the perfect light smiling at me and jumped into my body and fixed the way I felt. And I have never felt better. I have also experienced at least 2 more blessings but I didn't get to see the Holy Ghost these times. 3-14-2019 was the most incredibly amazing experience of my entire life. I was in room #314 in Danville VA at Astoria motel at 3020 riverside drive in Danville VA. If you want to know more about my greatest moments in my life and the worst hell you can endure on earth, contact me. God bless you