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Urgent Prayer Request for my mother (Post heart attack)
Submitted By:Lokesh V
Prayer Request:
Please pray for my mother who recently underwent angioplasty with one major block removed by inserting a stent. She got a few blocks(3 valve disease) and MR grade(regurgitation ) in her heart. Heart function is reduced. Please pray for her little hope for strength, energy, positive recovery and self healing capabilities. Her heart is weak and reduced EF function.

Her body is experiencing accelerated /hypertensive blood pressure followed by fluid accumulation in lungs and the body that causes onset breathlessness. She has fast heart rate(but medication controlling the heartbeat) elevated sugar levels,leg pain, calf muscle pain, constipation, fluid accumulation in the body, blood circulation issues, angle pain, throat , eye sight issues, cough , sternum pain, back pain and allergic reaction, respiratory issue and indigestion and other bodily symptoms along with medication side effects.

Mentally she is anxious, hopeless, helpless, emotional. She is going through low energy levels. She has experienced husband’s death during her married life and has gone through a lot of emotions and trauma. Recently Her son-in-law passed away and she worried a lot about her family members.

Please pray for her to restore her heart health completely without any complications and gain calmness and peace of mind , complete acceptance and strength. Please pray for her to let go of emotions gently and fulfill her desires.Please pray for her family to protect and bless them with peace, hope, health, prosperity and wisdom.

Please pray for her to manage medication side effects and to improve and strengthen kidneys, digestion and all the organs including heart function.

With gratitude