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Prayer Request:Needing breakthrough prayer, please. If you are willing, please pray fervently until you have peace from God that it is done/accomplished! Thank you so much: Please pray for the sanctification of my womb and my entire body, and that God fill me so full of the Holy Spirit that the devil or any demon/evil spirit can never touch me or use me again. I am often sexually assaulted by the enemy in my sleep and suffer from bleeding, pain and terrible nightmares. Please pray Jesus heal and deliver me and give me the Holy Spirit’s power to cast them out so they can never return in Jesus name. Pray for faith to fully claim and walk in my authority in Christ in Jesus name. Please pray Jesus forgive me, heal me, sanctify me and continue to help me believe how much he loves me and how willing and able he is to heal me in every way after everything that has happened to me in Jesus name. Pray God remove all fear, shame, doubt, unbelief and everything in the way of the healing he wants for me in Jesus name. Pray for a miracle over my womb - that God stop the pain and bleeding and totally remove and deliver me from this affliction in Jesus name. Pray for rest and freedom - I am exhausted from the constant oppression. Pray God breathe life into me again.