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Healing for our son Joshua, body, mind, soul, heart and thoughts
Submitted By:Savitri
Prayer Request:God rescues our son Joshua out of darkness, brings him completely in Christ's light. God heals his body, mind, soul, and heart completely, redeems his life, renews him, sets him on the path of righteousness. Dissolve the tumor on his pituitary gland completely, balance his hormones, raise his testosterone to over 1000, heal his thyroid. Help him to function as a normal young adult with work and school. Joshua surrenders to Christ, and turns away permanently from all alcohol, self-harm. God gives him a sound mind, clear thoughts, he releases all unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, resentment. God removes all lies from the enemy and wrong thinking. We are begging God for a breakthrough, 1-2 godly friends, and a mentor. He agrees to go to counseling weekly.