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Family Restoration
Submitted By:Sarah
Prayer Request:Please pray that my firefighter partner, Jamie, of 14 years, comes back home to me and our children. Please pray the female firefighter (Dee) from his work, that he is seeing, is removed from his life and finds her best as he is not her best and she is not his best. We are his best. Remove that seductive spirit in Jesus' name. Pray she is transferred to a different fire station in a different city. God meant for families to stay together. The devil wants to destroy them, but I won't allow this for my family. Please pray that every time he goes to see her or when he is about to sin, that God stands in his way. Please pray he quits smoking. Pray he finds Jesus,l and salvation as he has announced he is atheist now, pray for forgiveness, and he repents for hurting his family. Please pray for restoration, peace, and healing in my family. Pray my son's renew their faith again, and their hearts heal. Pray Jamie steps up to be the father they deserve. Please pray that Jamie sees me with renewed eyes from now on and finds love for me again.
Please pray the right labourer crosses his path and leads him back to the lord.
I am struggling with this battle as it seems to be getting worse. I pray my faith stays steadfast. Pray to break any strongholds and remove any spirits. Thank you. Amen