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Family Resoration
Submitted By:Brant
Prayer Request:Good morning,

I was unsure where to email or who to contact but I desperately need prayer right now. I would never reach out if it wasn't important but I would love to give you context around what is going on. If you could pass this email on or please share it with a pastor or prayer team.

I'm currently active duty in the military and me and the mother of my kids ( we have twins, and she has a 6 year old son) have been together for more or less 6 years. About 50-100 days ago everything changed as she was always willing to get married for a long time and to come out here to Germany. She has always had faith and hope in our relationship, but almost like a light switch that has changed.

Recently she met another man who is distracting her and bringing her down a path of destruction. The situation has gotten out of hand and not only is her future, but our kids' future is on the line. Her heart has grown cold and her family has tried talking logically to her but currently she has been making decisions based on emotion and not what's best for her and our kids. She is so lost and has lost that spark in her eye. I pray for her protection and that if it be God's will to bring healing and restoration not only into our relationship but to our family. Please please pray for Jenissa Cruz as only God can guide her back to the right path, give her a new heart, sway her away from sinful desires and to do what's best for our family.