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my son's family
Submitted By:yvonne
Prayer Request:my son's family, been with his wife 15yrs, married 3, she's bi-polar but not medicated, they have 3 girls, 13, 12 and 3. She resents them & isn't kind to them. She'll change & do better for 3 or 4 months then goes back to her old ways. She's cheated on him 8 times that we know of and he always forgives. She screams & punches holes in the wall when they don't have $ to do things but refuses to get a job. In all the yrs they've been together she's never had a job. He bought her a nice lexus 3 yrs ago, makes every pmt and insurance, and now that his truck engine died she won't even pick him up from work, he has had to walk home all week, 2hr walk after working 10hrs. He has video of her screaming, cussing and calling her 2 older daughters names and now she unplugs the cameras in the house. Now she's gotten into witchcraft, claiming she's "only manifesting good things" but her behavior has only gotten more and more disturbing. My son wanted to go to church a couple weeks ago and she accused him of only wanting to go to find someone to have sex with. He obtained sole custody of the older 2 girls and it looks like now he's going to be in another battle for the toddler because she is planning on leaving CO (where they moved to a year ago for a fresh start) and taking the 3yr old back to SC with her. But my son doesn't have the $ for an attorney and my husband retired last year and we don't have funds to spare for an attorney either. Please pray for the safety of my son and grand daughters, and please pray God brings my daughter-in-law to salvation somehow. I have prayed and asked God that if she will never submit herself to Jesus that he will deliver our family from her once and for all. The things I've mentioned here is honestly minor, she has wreaked havoc, created chaos, caused fear of what she's capable of doing with no remorse and literally obliterated my once secure, calm and peaceful family. I have shown her unconditional love through all of it, even when it was the hardest thing to do. She has screamed, cussed and called me names more times than I can remember and I swear my only response has ever been "I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I hope you know I love you." She cussed me out the day after my mother-in-laws funeral because I wasn't up to babysitting so she could hang out with her friend. My son and grandgirls deserve peace, one way or another. Please pray for them.