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Breakthrough & Blessings
Submitted By:Monish
Prayer Request:Lord, I pray, believe and am ready to recieve ALL that You have for me. I speak a release of breakthrough in all areas of my life - family, friendships, finances, purpose, career, past/ present/ future, housing, health, mental wellbeing, travel, debts, bad habits, future wife, kid/s, and everything else.

All bad and negative attachments, emotions, control, authority or dominion given through materials shared, soul ties with people I have been with over my lifetime I renounce and evict them all. I walk into those areas and claim back what is mine in Jesus name. I cover all those open doors and areas by the blood of Jesus and seal it forever.

May there be an increase of Your favor in all areas of my life. May EVERYTHING start falling in place in Jesus name. May I walk in complete clarity, boldness, wisdom and peace FOREVER. I apply the blood of Jesus and seal this prayer in Jesus matchless name, Amen!

Monish Abraham