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Deliverance protection reconciliation
Submitted By:Brandi
Prayer Request:Praying my oldest daughter Ashley can be a better role model for her sister Sarah and not be so mean and harsh. I pray they reconcile, I pray Ashley strives for peace and is delivered from the spirits of rage, violence and rejection, pray God fills her with self control, understanding, love, compassion and gives her a new heart and puts right spirit in her, in Jesus Name deliver my kids and my family from every evil, Lord please help, please pray my youngest daughter Sarah is delivered from the spirits of perversion, selfishness and worthlessness, and starts reading, and finishes the bible, pray she is delivered from sadness, and hopelessness, pray God fills her with the Holy Spirit and helps her walk in the Kingdom of God, I pray both are delivered from vaping and pick up healthy habits, I pray for both of their living situations, Bill's, finances ,careers, and relationships, I pray they Sarah is in a healthy Christian relationship soon and that Ashley and her man get married soon and find a good place to live, many unspokens, in Jesus Name Amen.