Student Worship

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM is when we provide a time of worship, relevant teaching, and community for students from 6th-12th grade. We meet in the auditorium at The Heights Fellowship. After the worship service, students split into small groups by grade. We wrap up at 8:15 PM.

Do I need to wear a mask?

  1. Please wear a mask as you make your way to and from the worship center. You do not have to wear a mask while in your seat during the worship service because the chairs are spaced appropriately.

  2. Please wear a mask as you make your way to and from small groups. You do not have to wear a mask during small groups because your seats will be spaced appropriately. If you end up sitting close to each other during small groups, it would be wise to wear a mask.

  3. When you are playing 9-Square (which is a very close quarters game), please wear a mask.

When should I show up to the worship service?

  1. At 6:50 PM, we will open the doors and students can make their way to the worship center.

  2. When weather permits, we will set up 9-Square and other games on the turf. You can show up as early as 6:30 PM to play games on the turf.

  3. We will sell candy and canned drinks on the turf. At this time, the youth café will not be open in the building.

Be sure to check the student ministry calendar because we do not always meet at The Heights Fellowship due to special events!