At The Heights Fellowship, we believe in men…because our God believes in men. We want to empower men to be what God made them to be. The THF Men’s Ministry is an exciting, growing community – brotherhood – of men the desires to do several things:

  1. To Awaken in men that for which they were created and are destined
  2. To Engage the visible (active) energy of men while Activating the invisible heart of men
  3. To Equip men for their relationship with God and their relationships in their families.
  4. To Disciple men to become active catalysts for change in their culture and world
  5. To Resource men by giving them the tools to understand Gods Word and to search the scriptures to engage a Biblical manhood.
  6. To provide opportunity and events to encourage and challenge men.

Check here to keep up to speed with The Heights Men’s Ministry.

Men’s Golf at 4ORE!

Please join us for some golf and time to hang out with the guys on Saturday, Sept. 22nd from 10 am-noon at 4ORE Golf. It doesn’t matter if you have played or not, even the clubs are provided for you and so is lunch! So whether you come alone or you bring a team, please come and hang out. Cost is $45/player.

4ORE! THF Men's Ministry Event

For more information and to register, please contact Kyle Plumlee at

THF Men’s Rustic Retreat

Hang onto your hats! Please join THF Men’s Ministry for our Rustic Retreat. We’ll meet at THF parking lot at 6 pm on Friday the 26th to caravan 30 minutes away. We will stay overnight in a rustic lodge, shoot critters, eat, and enjoy the great outdoors. We will return by 9 pm on Saturday night.

NOTE: Snake guards are required AND hunting license for dove is required. Purchase your hunting license here online. Ages 18 and up.

Cost is $25/person to assist in the cost of food and ammo.
Meals provided! Only 25 spots available!
**Sign up and waiver signing is required**

THF Men's Rustic Retreat

For more information and to register, please contact Kyle Plumlee at