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Family Rhythms

We want to encourage your family to make the most of the time you have to talk to your kids about what matters most—faith! Watch the following video for an introduction to Family Rhythms.

Morning Time

What would happen if we did more than just try to get through the morning, and instead used mornings to instill purpose and launch our kids into their world for the day? Watch this video to learn why morning time is so important and for practical ideas to incorporate faith in your morning routine.

Resources from the Morning Time Video:

Drive Time

Drive time is the most laid back of the four family rhythms. You have a unique opportunity to enter your child’s world and talk about the stuff they love. This sends the message to your kids that you are interested in the things they like because you like them. Watch the video for more information about drive time and for ideas on how to implement it into the rhythms of your day.

Resources from the Drive Time Video:


Mealtime can be a challenging time for families. It can feel like a relay race trying to anticipate everyone’s needs. So, start by choosing one meal a week to be intentional around the table with your family. Watch the video to learn more about implementing a mealtime family rhythm.

Resources from in the video:


Bedtime is one of the hardest times of day because no one is operating at full capacity. If we dig down deep and find the energy to engage with our kids, we may be surprised at how special that time becomes. Watch this video to hear about the importance of a bedtime rhythm.